The DrumMantra Podcast

The DrumMantra Podcast

Hosted by: Rich Stitzel

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Ep. 65 FULL LESSON. YYZ: Groove Meditation in 5/4 Part 2.

Episode #65

In part 2 of this series on the rhythm of the Toronto Airport, more commonly known as YYZ (and more popularly known as the intro to the iconic tune from Rush's Moving Pictures album, also called YYZ.) I hope you enjoy...
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Ep. 64 YYZ: A Groove Meditation in Five. Part 1

Episode #64

In honor of the great Neil Peart, I present to you Part 1 of a two-part series of coordination based on the iconic intro to the famed song, YYZ by Rush (which happens to be the Morse Code for the Toronto Airport!)....
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Ep.63 YYZ: A Groove Meditation in 5 (Introduction)

Episode #63

In honor of the great Neil Peart, I put together a lesson pack that is based on the intro to Rush's epic song, YYZ, from their album Moving Pictures. The rhythm to the intro is morse code for the Toronto Airport....
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Episode #62

The great Mark Walker visited DrumMantra Studios for a podcast interview and when I asked him for three grooves everyone should know, we filmed and recorded an impromptu drum lesson.  Enjoy Mark as he demonstrates...
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Ep. 61 Water, Glasses, and Rituals

Episode #61

In this episode, I discuss my takeaways from the time I spent with Mark Walker last week. I take a look at what it's like to marvel at another's playing up close, what it feels like to be intimidated by it, and what I...
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Ep. 60 Going Deeper With Mark Walker

Episode #60

One of the greatest drummers in the world stopped by DrumMantra studios during a visit to Chicago. What started out as an afternoon podcast recording turned into an epic 4-day hang. Here is some of the footage from...
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Ep. 59 “A good traveler has no fixed plans.” ― Lao Tzu

Episode #59

The 6th Century B.C. sage, Lao Tzu wrote a series of verses known as the Tao Te Ching. This book of wisdom is just as relevant today as it was 2500 years ago, and we can use his ideas to help us with how we practice,...
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EP. 58 Accessing TRUE Inspiration

Episode #58

The mind can play tricks on us. It will make us believe we aren't doing what we are, and are doing what we're not. Thinking is like a muscle  - it must be developed and trained. Breathing is involuntary but is also...
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Ep. 57 Inspiration Isn't Necessarily Your Best Friend

Episode #57

All of us do it. We wait for the inspiration to hit before we make a move. This of course only works some of the time. What do we do when we aren't inspired? Usually, we make excuses or claim it's "meant to be" that...
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Ep. 56 OCEANS: A Groove Meditation in 7

Episode #56

This month's featured lesson on my educational site,, is now up. _ This is an 18-part series in 7/8 time with a dotted eighth ostinato and twelve different ride permutations. It is loosely inspired by...
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Ep. 55 Eight Steps to Overcoming Stage Fright

Episode #55

In this episode, we look at nervousness that can cause stage fright and then do a deep dive into eight ways to find balance and transcend your fears.
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Ep. 54 A Conversation with Lukas Landis

Episode #54

Swiss drummer Lukas Landis is a great player, an educator, and a really cool guy. _ He was a test pilot for the DrumMantra3030 course and helped shaped it before it was released to the public. _ The other day Lukas...
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