The DrumMantra Podcast

The DrumMantra Podcast

Hosted by: Rich Stitzel

"The 20 Best Music Theory Podcasts of 2021" by Welp Magazine. "#4 of Top 10 Music Theory Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021" by Feedspot "Top 10 Music Theory Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020" by FeedSpot "The...

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12 Steps to a Dan Weiss Fill

Episode #83

In this episode, I break down a complex fill performed by the great Dan Weiss into 12 exercises that, when mastered, will help you understand and execute this type of fill concept with more ease. If you are new to...
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Making Your Ideas a Reality

Episode #82

This episode is a replay of an interview I did on Austin Koziol's In The Groove Podcast. We talk about bringing ideas to reality, the importance of presence, my Drummantra philosophy and practice system, and so much...
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Mental Loops, Roadblocks, and other Un-truths

Episode #81

We are all captivated by our thoughts. We are all challenged by our own debilitating beliefs. We want things to be perfect, we want to know the end before we begin, we don't want to be wrong, we don't want to make...
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Be Present in Your Practice

Episode #80

We practice our drum lesson because we are practicing our drum lesson. Period. We are not trying to become something. We just are in the moment. Practicing. A lot of beauty arises when we are in the moment. A lot of...
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How to Incorporate Toms into your Groove

Episode #79

Tom Grooves are super-cool and can give an immediate energy lift to a song. Here I demonstrate and discuss 9 different tom grooves that will hopefully inspire you to get to the practice room and start working on your...
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Is Your Practice Efficient and Effective?

Episode #78

Do you feel like your practice sessions aren't focused, inefficient, and unfocused? Do you feel like you never get as much done as you'd hoped? The secret to practice isn't WHAT you are working on, but HOW you are...
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Ideas On Doing A Recording Session & A Special Announcement

Episode #77

Are you being hired to do recording sessions? Are you doing drums AND percussion? Sometimes we tend to treat percussion as a smaller overall aspect of the session even though it can sometimes take up to 10x longer to...
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Building Linear Phrasing

Episode #76

Linear phrasing is a great vehicle for expressing yourself musically and rhythmically behind the kit. Let's start off with some simple phrasing concepts and isolate the voicings to two instruments to really challenge...
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Overcoming Your Mind to Find Peace

Episode #75

Finding peace is finding peace of mind. Most of the torment, tension, and trials stem from our thoughts. Thoughts that aren't necessarily grounded in reality.  How do we find peace? How do we find creativity? How do...
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If You Wait Until You're Ready, You'll Never Start.

Episode #74

So many people that I speak with say they are so excited to present their ideas to the world, and they will start as soon as they have a few more things in order. Then they proceed to present a list that is so long...
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Getting the Most Out of Your Practice Requires More Than Just Drumming

Episode #73

Most drummers I recently surveyed said they didn't have a clear, concise, and organized practice routine. They also said that when they are in the practice room they have a hard time staying focused and...
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DrumeoGab's Seamus Evely

Episode #72

Seamus Evely is one of the most driven, hard-working, passionate, selfless dudes on the planet. He follows his heart and gives 100% to his endeavors.  I was able to have Seamus speak to a virtual room full of drummers...
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