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Go beyond the surface of your playing to discover the true essence of who you are as a drummer.

  • Develop the "internal" aspects of drumming to become the player you truly want to be.
  • Discover your own creative voice to express yourself clearly.
  • Play with authority and confidence.
  • Deepen your level of rhythmic understanding.

The DrumMantra is a system of exercises that will transform the way you play and also the way you think about drumming.



Improve your time is working with a tool I call "the moving click." The moving click frees your mind & body to play in time without relying on downbeats.


Being able to read makes recording sessions, being hired to back artists, and really any gig so much easier. Especially in situations where there's no rehearsal... 


When you understand the building blocks of phrasing, your expressions will be interesting, creative, and will make a lasting musical impression as your true creative voice.


The first beat you learned required more coordination than the average human possesses. Master coordination to become more relaxed, balanced, and comfortable. 

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