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Going deeper with your practice means going beyond the surface of your playing, beyond the "external" aspect of drumming.

To become the player you truly want to be, it is important to develop the "internal" aspects of drumming.

Finding your own creative voice, playing with authority from a space of confidence, and having great time & feel requires a deeper level of understanding that only comes from dedication, intention, and repetition.

The DrumMantra is a system of exercises and practice that will not only transform the way you play, but also the way you think about drumming.

Lesson of the Month: Time Perspectives

This month's featured lesson is a 20-part study in rhythmic perception. We are going back and forth between 3/4 and 12/8 with various pulse & accent movements.

The students in the member's area will be working on this all month (they have access to the play-along audio, pdfs, and interaction with me). 

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Always Unique, Creative, and Insightful.

These are not stock lessons you would find on most other drum sites. Every DrumMantra Exercise Series is created specifically to help give insight into a deeper understanding of coordination, time, and creativity.

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The Pillars of a Successful Practice


One of the most challenging parts of practice is actually practicing. Practice means working on something you can't already do. If you're making mistakes and you notice your patience being challenged, you're probably practicing. If you sound great in the practice room, you're jamming, not practicing. Being dedicated to your practice means understanding the process takes time.


A huge part of developing a skill is mental. Having an intention in your practice will keep you focused, on task, and aware. Setting goals in one version of intention. Taking notes and working on specific areas of improvement require intention and attention. All of the DrumMantra exercises are built on an intention to systematically develop certain skills.


Responding musically in the moment requires a wiring of your mind & body. The most efficient way to develop this skill is to build muscle memory through repetition in your practice. All of the DrumMantra exercises are designed to keep you focused on an exercise for a specific durations of time in order to build muscle memory as well as mental focus.

Check out Rich's FREE 8-part course for developing greater coordination through polymeters.

Understanding polymeters is a must if you want to improve your coordination and depth of rhythmic knowledge. Although these concepts are simple they aren't necessarily easy, but with some hard work and dedication you will take your playing to the next level.

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