The DrumMantra Book Collection

Ignite your drumming potential with the formidable force of every meticulously crafted DrumMantra book. Each tome serves as an unparalleled foundation, empowering you to master the six critical facets of drumming: Time, Reading, Coordination, Polymetric Awareness, Phrasing, and Groove.

The path to drumming greatness awaits, and these transformative books hold the keys to unlocking your rhythmic prowess. Don't wait another moment ā€“ seize the opportunity to elevate your skills to unparalleled heights. It's time to take action and embark on a journey of drumming excellence!

Foundational Series

Primary Series

100-Day Journal

Manuscript Notebook

Groove Studies with the 20th Note

Coordination Matrix with the 20th Note

Groove Studies -FULL SETS-

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The Foundational Series Book



The Foundational Series aims to develop:

  • Accuracy
  • Awareness
  • Coordination
  • Consistency
  • Endurance
  • Patience
  • Relaxation

The Features of The Foundational Series:

  • 97 Pages
  • Nearly 400 Exercises
  • Three Time Signatures (4/4, 3/4 and 5/4)
  • Three Warm-Up Sections
  • Three Rhythmic Melodies Sections
  • Over Three Hours of Play-Alongs

The Primary Series

The second book in the DrumMantra repertoire picks up where book one, The Foundational Series, ends. This entire book is all about the 3:4 & 5:4 polymetric relationships. 

The Primary Series focuses on several aspects of polymetric coordination in a variety of time signatures.

It is an in-depth study of the function of the 3:4 and 5:4 polymetric relationships in various (NATIVE, and NON-NATIVE) expressions.

There is a robust series of exercises throughout the eleven sections of the book that will aid in developing a very deep level of coordination.

There are also six brand new Rhythmic Melodies Sections to push your reading chops and give you a new level of your musical phrasing.

If you are ready to expand your rhythmic horizons, The Primary Series is definitely a great next step after completing the Foundational Series.

Groove Studies with the 20th Note

The fourth book in the DrumMantra repertoire is full of coordination exercises focused on the groove.

Everything in this book is based on the 20th note subdivision. Unlike the Foundational Series & Primary Series books, this book stays in one-time signature - 4/4. When fully mastered, each exercise will bring you to a deeper level of comfort with playing grooves based on 20 subdivisions per bar. 

This new paradigm in subdivisions will take some time to sink in. Have patience. 

Each section also has a warm-up/time-checking exercise that utilizes the linear field concept where the hands fill in all the 20th notes linearly, with the left hand also covering the backbeats on 2&4. 

There are two polymetric sections in this book. Section IV is a four-note grouping on the hi hat, making it a 4:5 polymetric relationship. You may notice that when you are playing these particular exercises, the ear wants to take advantage of rhythmic perception and start to hear things in 5/4 with sixteenth notes rather than in 4/4 with twentieth notes.

"Been a fan of Rich's for many years. I'm so glad there is something like this on the market that offers a glimpse into how he has prepared his craft for years. I've had it for a few weeks already, and it's been a huge help (both as a personal development tool and a teaching aid for my students). You should get this book. Period."

Chris M.
Fort Worth, TX

"This is a great book for all types of learners, primarily those looking to expand their grasp on interdependence, time and tempo, and playing to a recorded track. It also can be used as a "grid" and can be modified for more advanced percussionists looking for a challenge."

Frank A.
Chicago, IL

"I felt a better understanding of myself, and where I am after the first pass of the book. It is exactly what I need. The method is very simple, but it takes intense focus. It really pulls your mind right into every beat. It pulls philosophy from around the world, right into the drummers mind. It's a relaxing yet exciting experience. "

Matt P.
Chicago, IL

"Great book for developing your groove, endurance, focus, and timing. Thanks to the very creative and detailed play-along tracks, the exercises feel interactive and musical (something missing from most drum books). This book is a huge breath of fresh air and I am really enjoying practicing out of it. Highly recommended!"

Peter M.

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