The DrumMantra Podcast

The DrumMantra Podcast

Hosted by: Rich Stitzel

"The 20 Best Music Theory Podcasts of 2021" by Welp Magazine. "#4 of Top 10 Music Theory Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021" by Feedspot "Top 10 Music Theory Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020" by FeedSpot "The...

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20th Note Practice 11.20.23

Shedding and discussing a couple of exercises from my most recent book, as well as a book I am currently writing. Join me for live practice sessions twice a week:  Books in this video:...
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Practice: Not the What, but the HOW

This episode comes to you from my drive to a gig. Just random thoughts that hopefully will trigger an idea or an inspiration in you:-)
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The Somatic Drummer, Adam Gust

On this episode of the DrumMantra Podcast, I speak with the amazing drummer, Adam Gust. Adam had a traumatic accident a little over a decade ago that potentially could have ended his very promising career. In this...
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Going Deep with Zach Miller

In this episode I catch up with the great Zach Miller from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wow. What a player. What a thinker. What a human. This is a deep and insightful conversation. ENJOY! You can follow Zach on Instagram...
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Advice for a Career in Music

I was recently asked to speak at a career day for a high school in St.Louis. The students had great questions and triggered some responses that I think may be helpful for anyone who wants to have, or does have a...
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Weekly Transmission 2.4.22

In this episode: Mark Walker & Rich Stitzel PASIC2021 Documentary Film WATCH HERE DrumMantra Weekly Practice Sessions (REGISTER HERE) Blair Sinta's Drum Recording Expert Course Past Masterclass Guests Ari...
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The Practice is the Practice

In this episode: Learning to Practice DrumMantra Weekly Practice Sessions (REGISTER HERE) Preparing for Ari Hoenig's Masterclass on Sunday, February 27 (REGISTER HERE) 20% off Annual DrumManta Membership with code...
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Practice Session, Rehearsal Prep, and Gig Cancellations

In this episode, I lay out a bunch of stuff that I've been up to this week which includes: Preparing for Ed Soph's Masterclass on Sunday, January 23 (REGISTER HERE) DrumMantra Weekly Practice Sessions (REGISTER...
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The Foundational Series Practice Session

In this episode we eavesdrop into a Foundational Series Practice Session. You will be able to get a feel for how the class runs, the pacing, and even the hang. The Foundational Series is absolutely the material that...
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The Primary Series Practice Session

Happy New Year! Today we are going to eavesdrop on a Primary Series Practice Session. You will get to hear all of the exercises that we work on to see if you think you may be able to do them yourself. If it seems like...
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Teaching Strategies, Drum Battles, and Beyond!

Episode #84

In this episode, Rich was a guest on the Drum Brigade Podcast with Korey Kingston and Phil Pardell. They had a lot of fun, but also got very deep on a few topics including teaching concepts and philosophy, blowing...
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12 Steps to a Dan Weiss Fill

Episode #83

In this episode, I break down a complex fill performed by the great Dan Weiss into 12 exercises that, when mastered, will help you understand and execute this type of fill concept with more ease. If you are new to...
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