Unlock Your Rhythmic Potential in 2024


Unlock Your Rhythmic Potential in 2024: 

Join the DrumMantra Lesson Vault Community! 

Transform Your Drumming and Life with Our Exclusive, Live Practice Sessions!

Welcome to the DrumMantra Lesson Vault Community, a unique and transformative space for drummers ready to elevate their skills and change their lives in 2024. Are you passionate about drumming but feel stuck in your progress? Are you seeking improvement in your playing and personal growth as well? If yes, you're in the right place.

What the DrumMantra Lesson Vault Offers:

Live, Weekly Practice Sessions on Zoom - Sundays 1pm CST, Wednesdays 6pm CST, Saturdays 11am CST (all sessions are recorded and posted in the Vault)
Interactive and Engaging: Join our live, weekly Zoom sessions, where you'll practice alongside fellow drumming enthusiasts under the guidance of expert instructors.
Personalized Feedback: Get real-time feedback on your technique, rhythm, and style, tailored to your needs...

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The Foundational Series Book

“If you’re seeking serious practice, Rich Stitzel’s DrumMantra courses and books are for you. You’ll gain the focus and concentration needed for any gig and other life areas.  You’ll also gain a greater command of reading, technique, coordination, relaxation, and breathing. Rich’s method is a literal drum meditation practice that teaches you the journey's importance, not just the destination. I’ve practiced his method and can’t recommend it enough.”

-Mark Walker
Author, World Jazz Drumming

Arturo Sandoval, Boston Pops, Berklee College of Music
8x Grammy Winner



Align your mind and body in this experiential drumming journey with exercises that will challenge, inform, and inspire how you think and play.

Rich Stitzel, Creator of the DrumMantra Practice System, shares his method for sharpening your concept of time, fine-tuning your accuracy, improving your pulse awareness, enhancing your knowledge of time...

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Grooving in 7/8 with OCEANS


I am thrilled to present the most recent DrumMantra Lesson of the Month exercise series & Community Challenge!

Each week, the Lesson Vault Community members have the opportunity to practice together online with me three times. Saturdays at 1pm (CST) we work on "The Lesson of the Month," Sundays at 1pm we work on Groove Studies with the 20th Note book, and Mondays at 1pm we work on The Foundational Series book the first half of the year, and The Primary Series book the second half.

In the Lesson of the Month for January, we worked on a 12-part exercise series I created called "Oceans: A Groove Study in 7." As you can see in the video, the groove is an ostinato between kick & snare, and every 6 bars, the ride pattern changes. It is a challenging exercise series, and it takes some work to get it happening. 

A handful of the Lesson Vault Community (LVC) stepped up to the challenge and were able to video themselves playing all 12 exercises in a row! This was not an...

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Weekly Schedule of Events 11.4.22

SO MUCH NEWS coming down the pike this week!

First of all, I want to say that The DrumMantra Lesson Vault members have been working SO HARD this year. To date, we are coming up on the 45th week of the year, which means we have had 180 hour-long practice sessions together! We went completely through the Foundational Series Book, are on the final chapter of the Primary Series Book, and have been working on Section I of the new book for the past 2 months. 

If you want to get your practice game together and take your playing to the next level, I highly recommend checking out the Lesson Vault Membership. Its no joke and I am there with you live on zoom 4 hours a week! 

(My private lessons/consultations are $100/hr, but you can get me on a live zoom call working through the material together up to 16 hours a month for only $29!)

If you would like full access to all of the practice sessions, over 100 hours of lessons in the vault, access to the community, AND early access to the...

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Weekly Schedule of Events 1.31.22

Happy Monday to you!

We had a fantastic weekend of practice sessions! I can't believe we're already starting week five of 2022! 

We have several practice sessions this week for you to attend, and some big news happening at the end of February!

This week at DrumMantra:

***Practice sessions in February are "pay what you want"***


Monday, January 31:

6pm CST - Lesson of the Month (ADVANCED CLASS) register here


Monday, January 31:

7:30pm CST - Private Lesson/Consultation register here


Tuesday, February 1: 

6pm CST - Primary Series Practice (ADVANCED CLASS) register here


Wednesday, February 2

6pm CST - Private Lesson Slot register here


Thursday, February 3:

7:30pm CST - Mark Walker & Rich Stitzel PASIC2022 Presentation on YouTube! click here to watch


Friday, February 4

11:30am CST - Blair Sinta's Recording Experts Course register here (Get 20% off when you join the DrumMantra Lesson...

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Weekly Schedule of Events

The DrumMantra online practice sessions have been amazing in 2022!

We are only just starting week 3 and have already had 77 drummers attend! This is going to be a great year of practice so make sure you have the times on your calendar and join us ASAP!

This week is very special. This is the week we have the great ED SOPH as our guest on the DrumMantra Masters Series.

Ed is considered to be one of the greatest drumset educators of all time, as well as one of the most musical and powerful big band and small group drummers of all time. 

If you know Ed, you know how big of a deal it is, and you will be at this masterclass. You will also spread the word and encourage every drummer you know to be there!

If you don't know anything about Ed - do yourself a HUGE favor and check it out. I promise your mind will be blown by what he has to say. 


This week at DrumMantra:

Monday, January 17:

6pm Lesson of...

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We Have Your New Year's Resolution Covered

Every year around this time WE ALL start thinking about how we're going to make the new year even better. You may even start to make lists:

  • Practice smarter.
  • Get more gigs.
  • Get better gigs.
  • Play more sessions.
  • Yoga.
  • Drink more water.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Take walks.
  • Less time on social media.

I'm sure your list probably looks like mine. No matter where you are on your journey, there are always things you can do better, more efficiently, and more effectively.

I have spent the past decade creating a practice system that will provide you ample opportunity to work on material that will absolutely make you a better musician - regardless of what level you are at currently.

DrumMantra is all about practice. It's about practicing things that improve your time, reading, coordination, polymetric awareness, phrasing, and groove.

DrumMantra is also about developing mental skills like concentration, patience, awareness, and understanding. 

I personally invite you to join us on a journey in 2022...

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Paul Wertico Masterclass!


Improvisation Essentials: Expanding Your Creativity

>> December 19, 2021. 1:30pm-3:00pm <<

Don't miss this opportunity to spend time with SEVEN time Grammy Award winner, master educator, and progressive thinker - PAUL WERTICO!
Not only did Paul help shape the sound of the Pat Metheny Group from 1983-2001, but he has also contributed his artistic voice to countless projects in his illustrious and prolific career:
  • Seven-Time Grammy Award Winner
  • Readers Poll Winner, Modern Drummer Magazine
  • Readers Poll Winner, DRUM! Magazine
  • Chicago Tribune 2004 "Chicagoan of the Year"
  • Associate Prof. of Jazz Studies, Roosevelt University
  • Recipient "Life Time Achievement Award", Cape Breton International Drum Festival
  • Recipient "Life Time Achievement Award", Montreal Drum Festival
  • Board of Governors, The Recording Academy Chicago Chapter
  • Education Committee, Jazz Institute of Chicago

"I believe that when we...

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Bryan O'Flynn of Austin, TX is the newest DrumMantra3030 Ambassador!


The ninth person to successfully complete "Day 30" of the DrumMantra3030 course is Mr. Bryan O'Flynn from Austin, TX!

Bryan will be receiving a custom DrumMantra Low Boy Custom Beaters for his focused practice and perfect execution of the final challenge in the 3030! His hard work paid off big time!

Completing Day 30 has taken participants on average about 8 weeks of intense focus to get perfect. It is no easy task. Bryan just accomplished something VERY DIFFICULT and deserves mad props!
(To learn more about the DrumMantra3030 Course, and how you can win a Custom Low Boy Beater, CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW)
Check out what Bryan has to say about the 3030 course:

“Rich, DrumMantra, and the 3030 course have opened up so many doors in my playing that I didn’t think were possible in such a short amount of time.


The 3030 course alone is a game-changer for any serious student of the instrument. I’m so thankful to...

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The Primary Series Practice Sessions!

On January 30, 2021, we began a weekly online practice session based on the first book in the DrumMantra collection, The Foundational Series. I devised a way for it to take 26 hour-long sessions to go through the book in its entirety. We are currently on Week 17 of the second round right now - but anyone can jump in at any point because PRACTICE IS PRACTICE.

For several years the students in the DrumMantra Lesson Vault have been asking me to either create another course like the 3030 or a practice session for my second book, The Primary Series. 

Whereas the Foundational Series has three sections, the Primary Series has eleven, making it a bit more challenging to figure out how to present the material in a linear fashion that is cohesive and logical.

I finally sat down a few weeks ago and started mapping it all out, putting pages in order, creating play-alongs, etc. in preparation for what is now the THIRD live weekly practice session that we are now doing at DrumMantra.


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