Weekly Schedule of Events

The DrumMantra online practice sessions have been amazing in 2022!

We are only just starting week 3 and have already had 77 drummers attend! This is going to be a great year of practice so make sure you have the times on your calendar and join us ASAP!

This week is very special. This is the week we have the great ED SOPH as our guest on the DrumMantra Masters Series.

Ed is considered to be one of the greatest drumset educators of all time, as well as one of the most musical and powerful big band and small group drummers of all time. 

If you know Ed, you know how big of a deal it is, and you will be at this masterclass. You will also spread the word and encourage every drummer you know to be there!

If you don't know anything about Ed - do yourself a HUGE favor and check it out. I promise your mind will be blown by what he has to say. 


This week at DrumMantra:

Monday, January 17:

6pm Lesson of...

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The Primary Series Practice Sessions!

On January 30, 2021, we began a weekly online practice session based on the first book in the DrumMantra collection, The Foundational Series. I devised a way for it to take 26 hour-long sessions to go through the book in its entirety. We are currently on Week 17 of the second round right now - but anyone can jump in at any point because PRACTICE IS PRACTICE.

For several years the students in the DrumMantra Lesson Vault have been asking me to either create another course like the 3030 or a practice session for my second book, The Primary Series. 

Whereas the Foundational Series has three sections, the Primary Series has eleven, making it a bit more challenging to figure out how to present the material in a linear fashion that is cohesive and logical.

I finally sat down a few weeks ago and started mapping it all out, putting pages in order, creating play-alongs, etc. in preparation for what is now the THIRD live weekly practice session that we are now doing at DrumMantra.


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