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“If you’re seeking serious practice, Rich Stitzel’s DrumMantra courses and books are for you. You’ll gain the focus and concentration needed for any gig and other life areas.  You’ll also gain a greater command of reading, technique, coordination, relaxation, and breathing. Rich’s method is a literal drum meditation practice that teaches you the journey's importance, not just the destination. I’ve practiced his method and can’t recommend it enough.”

-Mark Walker
Author, World Jazz Drumming

Arturo Sandoval, Boston Pops, Berklee College of Music
8x Grammy Winner



Align your mind and body in this experiential drumming journey with exercises that will challenge, inform, and inspire how you think and play.

Rich Stitzel, Creator of the DrumMantra Practice System, shares his method for sharpening your concept of time, fine-tuning your accuracy, improving your pulse awareness, enhancing your knowledge of time...

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Weekly Schedule of Events

The DrumMantra online practice sessions have been amazing in 2022!

We are only just starting week 3 and have already had 77 drummers attend! This is going to be a great year of practice so make sure you have the times on your calendar and join us ASAP!

This week is very special. This is the week we have the great ED SOPH as our guest on the DrumMantra Masters Series.

Ed is considered to be one of the greatest drumset educators of all time, as well as one of the most musical and powerful big band and small group drummers of all time. 

If you know Ed, you know how big of a deal it is, and you will be at this masterclass. You will also spread the word and encourage every drummer you know to be there!

If you don't know anything about Ed - do yourself a HUGE favor and check it out. I promise your mind will be blown by what he has to say. 


This week at DrumMantra:

Monday, January 17:

6pm Lesson of...

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