Matthew Howe of Palm Desert, CA is the newest DrumMantra3030 Ambassador!


The eighth person to successfully complete "Day 30" of the DrumMantra3030 course is Mr. Matthew Howe from Palm Desert, California!
He will be receiving a custom DrumMantra Low Boy Custom Beaters for his efforts!
Completing Day 30 has taken participants on average about 8 weeks of intense focus to get perfect. It is no easy task. Matt just accomplished something VERY DIFFICULT and deserves mad props!
Dig what Matt has to say about the 3030 course:
"The Drum Mantra 3030 course was a fantastic addition to my practice regimen! Each day took me a little deeper into the study of polymeric relationships. I really enjoyed the amount of patience and focus it took to complete each lesson successfully. By the end, I was able to perform a perfect run of lesson 30, which lasts over 35 minutes and is in three-time signatures! Bravo to Rich and his development of this awesome course."
Check out what Matt has to say about his new Low Boy...
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Free Low Boy Custom Beater!

Ok. Here's the deal.

You want to be great. You want to have a deeper understanding of how time functions. You want to be comfortable with phrasing in odd time signatures. You want to know what a polymeter is and how it works. 

The only way to gain these qualities is through dedicated, focused practice.

I wrote The DrumMantra Books for myself. I wrote them so I could study concepts that I was beginning to discover but didn't quite have a full grasp of yet. Some of the exercises I was writing required meticulous planning and thought due to the inherent complexity of the concept. Take polymeters - these little rhythmic entities can take many measures before a resolution occurs. For example, a quarter note, a dotted eighth note, and a five-note grouping create a pattern that takes 60 beats to resolve! 

When I began to realize that just because I was selling books didn't necessarily mean that people were practicing the material correctly which is why I created the ...

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