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“Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso.


Learning “the rules” can be a tedious and even an overwhelming task. 

Most of us fall in love with an instrument and want to be a musician because of the allure of the unknown.

In the beginning, we sit behind the kit, perhaps trying each sound individually to get a sense of what we have to "paint" with. We try a tom, then a cymbal, then a couple of bass drum hits, followed by closing the hi-hat with the left foot a few times. The magic of the instrument is pulling us in. The fascination with doing something that requires all the limbs takes over our entire being.

Maybe, in the beginning, you wanted to play a beat. Something from the music that you listened to that made you fall in love with the instrument in the first place. Maybe you just wanted to experiment with the sounds, textures,...

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The Moving Click


Time. It's something a drummer obsesses over almost more than anything. 

How do you go deeper with your concept of time? How do you begin to understand the finer details of subdivisions? 

Don't just watch the video. Try this exercise out for yourself.

The Moving Click exercise will quickly reveal any weakness in your understanding of accent & pulse permutations. The exercise will increase your ability to detect time fluctuations almost immediately and fix them. (It will also help to develop patience and concentration.)

Get the PDF & MP3 for the Moving Click HERE

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