Grooving in 7/8 with OCEANS


I am thrilled to present the most recent DrumMantra Lesson of the Month exercise series & Community Challenge!

Each week, the Lesson Vault Community members have the opportunity to practice together online with me three times. Saturdays at 1pm (CST) we work on "The Lesson of the Month," Sundays at 1pm we work on Groove Studies with the 20th Note book, and Mondays at 1pm we work on The Foundational Series book the first half of the year, and The Primary Series book the second half.

In the Lesson of the Month for January, we worked on a 12-part exercise series I created called "Oceans: A Groove Study in 7." As you can see in the video, the groove is an ostinato between kick & snare, and every 6 bars, the ride pattern changes. It is a challenging exercise series, and it takes some work to get it happening. 

A handful of the Lesson Vault Community (LVC) stepped up to the challenge and were able to video themselves playing all 12 exercises in a row! This was not an...

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Weekly Schedule of Events 11.4.22

SO MUCH NEWS coming down the pike this week!

First of all, I want to say that The DrumMantra Lesson Vault members have been working SO HARD this year. To date, we are coming up on the 45th week of the year, which means we have had 180 hour-long practice sessions together! We went completely through the Foundational Series Book, are on the final chapter of the Primary Series Book, and have been working on Section I of the new book for the past 2 months. 

If you want to get your practice game together and take your playing to the next level, I highly recommend checking out the Lesson Vault Membership. Its no joke and I am there with you live on zoom 4 hours a week! 

(My private lessons/consultations are $100/hr, but you can get me on a live zoom call working through the material together up to 16 hours a month for only $29!)

If you would like full access to all of the practice sessions, over 100 hours of lessons in the vault, access to the community, AND early access to the...

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