Go DEEP with your practice in the DrumMantra Intensive!

Hosted by Rich Stitzel, creator of The DrumMantra

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Bam Feldman, Pro Drummer & Educator, Bethesda, MD

"If you truly want to improve your drumming you need to jump in to Rich's DrumMantra Intensive right now! It provides the roadmap to unleashing your best drumming and musicianship.

There's a lot out there on the interwebs, but Rich lays down a plan and path to getting better, and allowing you to unleash the music and drumming inside you that otherwise would be difficult to achieve.

Start on it today and get better by tomorrow.

These exercises would be the equivalent of having a world class trainer, if you were an olympian! They are the most efficient things to practice to get you there in the time you have to play.

Definitely incorporating in to the lessons I give my students!  And absolutely one of the best investments to help me with my drumming!"


Join author, educator, and creator of DrumMantra, Rich Stitzel, as he guides you through a tried and true system for going deeper with your practice.

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Michael John McKee - Founder, Denver Drum Society

“Rich’s DrumMantra concepts and understanding of rhythm motivate me to practice more deeply. His presentation translates smoothly to an online format, and although everyone was at home, we felt like we were able to participate and shed together. Beyond the technical stuff, Rich is a personable and engaging instructor.”

What are the six key aspects for becoming a great drummer?

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  • TIME is one of the biggest issues most drummers face. Work through exercises that help you become uber-aware of the time through a series of timing & sticking exercises.
  • READING music is a gateway to more complex musical concepts as well as making you more hirable for sessions & non-rehearsal gigs.
  • COORDINATION simply makes the mind & body more relaxed, balanced and focused behind the kit.
  • POLYMETERS provide a great way to deepen your sense of rhythmic knowledge.
  • PHRASING is part of your musical expression and can be embellished with 3 different phrasing concepts: linear, melodic, rhythmic.
  • GROOVE - You pocket and feel are unique to you, and one way to develop it is through a series of special exercises.
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Alex Simpson - Owner, Rupp's Drums, Denver, CO

"Rich Stitzel's DrumMantra Masterclass is engaging, challenging and a worthy study for any serious drummer. The apparent result of extraordinary research and passion, the DrumMantra Masterclass is nothing short of inspiring."

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Itinerary for the DrumMantra Intensive:

June 27, 2020 11am-4pm CST (9am-2pm PST, 5pm-10pm GMT)


11:00-11:10 - Introduction / Overview

11:10-12:15 - Warm-Up I / Reading I / Coordination I

12:15-12:25 - Q&A/Break

12:25-1:25 - Warm-Up II / Reading II / Coordination II / Polymeters I

1:25-1:35 - Q&A/Break

1:35-2:15 - Warm-Up III / Polymeters II / Phrasing I / Phrasing II /

2:15-2:20 - Break

2:20-3:00 -Groove I & II

3:00-3:10 Q&A/Break

3:10-3:35 BONUS! Advanced Concepts

3:35-03:50 Q&A / Reflection / Hang

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Charlie Andrews - Owner, Badges Drum Shop, Cincinnati, OH

"This was truly a unique one of a kind drumming experience that engaged the attendees to experience new rhythmic concepts and ideas you cant really obtain any other way. This was absolutely one of the most thought provoking classes I’ve taken part in."

What you will need for the Intensive:

You can do this intensive on a full drumset, or you can minimize all the way down to a practice pad. We will be focusing on two hands and one foot for the majority of the exercises, and we will add a second foot towards the end.

  • Computer, phone or tablet with internet connection
  • Headphones if you need isolation
  • At least one practice pad
  • Drum Throne
  • Sticks
  • Optional - bd pedal & practice pad (stomping your foot on the floor or a book works fine, too)
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What Level Player Is Appropriate For This Intensive?

It's always tricky to put a label on "level" of player, but I can definitely say that this is NOT for beginners. I can also say that the way this Intensive is designed, if you aren't challenged by the technical aspects of some of the exercises, you may very well be challenged by the endurance, patience, and focus aspects of the experience. 

I have had people in high school take the Intensive and I have had professional Grammy-winning artist take the Intensive and everything in between. Everyone has always seemed to enjoy, appreciate, and gain value from the exercises.

Here's a little check list:

  • The ability to play 16th notes at 87bpm and move accents to either hand with a RLRL & RRLL sticking.
  • The ability to read simple quarter/eighth/sixteenth rhythms
  • The ability to concentrate for extended periods of time
  • The capacity for patience and determination

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DrumMantra Intensive

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  • 6 Different Topics of Focus - (Timing, Reading, Coordination, Polymeters, Phrasing, Groove)
  • 5-Hour Class Experience!
  • Downloadable PDF of Every Exercise!
  • Demonstrations and explanations of every exercise
  • Group Q&A 
The next LIVE INTENSIVE is June 27, 2020 11am-4pm CST

DrumMantra Intensive

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  • 6 Different Topics of Focus - (Timing, Reading, Coordination, Polymeters, Phrasing, Groove)
  • 4-Hour Class Experience!
  • Downloadable PDF of Every Exercise!
  • Demonstrations and explanations of every exercise
  • Accessible anytime!
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