Groove Studies with the 20th Note

The newest DrumMantra book from master educator, Rich Stitzel, is now available to pre-order! 

The long-awaited release of this incredible new book is here! Get ready to dive into exercises that will completely train your mind and body to deeply understand, feel, and groove with this emerging subdivision - the 20th note!

“This book is an excellent practice for any musician who wants to expand their rhythmic horizons, improve their concentration and create their own vocabulary. As with Rich’s DrumMantra Foundational Series book and 30/30 course, it’s organized, well-written, and a progressive and logical study. Regardless of what style you’re into, this will pose a serious challenge, and take you out of your comfort zone. Definitely worth the commitment.”

-Mark Walker
(Arturo Sandoval, Boston Pops, Professor at Berklee)

“Rich is an incredible musician and a thoughtful, insightful teacher - always pushing the envelope and boundaries forward. Groove Studies does just that and more. It will add depth to your rhythmic vocabulary that can be used in a very musical way. Check this book out!”

-Keith Carlock (Steely Dan, Sting, Wayne Krantz)

Groove Studies with the 20th Note

This 200-page book is a massive collection of groove-oriented exercises designed to take you deep into the coordination and feel of the 20th note subdivision.

  • An overview and explanation of the 20th Note subdivision, including listening examples for a deeper understanding
  • An explanation of counting 20th notes based on the Indian counting method called Konnokol
  • 20th note Warm-Ups to prepare your body & mind to think in this emerging subdivision.
  • Five Sections, each consisting of five linear phrasing workouts and 113 groove exercises.
  • Two of the five sections are polymetric (4:5 and 3:5)
  • Every single exercise in the book has an accompanying play-along (nearly 600 audio files for a total of 30 hours of music)
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“Rich is a master educator in the true spirit of teaching. His methodology is concise, organized, musical, and flows like a great arrangement. He teaches the “How and What” and clearly explains the “Why.” His concept of the 20th note bridges us to another musical dimension and will allow the participants to greatly expand their rhythmic consciousness. This book will scramble your brain in the best possible way!”
-Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex)

Check out an excerpt from Section I of the book here!


“Rich has created an encyclopedia of exercises that go deep with the 20th note. The book contains hundreds of grooves to help establish a strong relationship to each partial of the 20th note. What’s more, is that every exercise is accompanied by a play-along, which is a vital part of being able to hear, feel and play the rhythms. I highly recommend this book to any drummer wanting to gain a wider vocabulary of rhythms.”

-Anthony Stanislavski (Author of "Big Band Drumming” and "Phrasing & Freedom with Brushes,” Hudson Music)

Live Online Practice Sessions

One of the amazing features of the DrumMantra Lesson Vault Membership is you can work through the materials in the books in a group setting hosted by author Rich Stitzel!

When you pre-order Groove Studies with 20th Note, you will receive a free pass to FOUR live practice sessions (a $40 value!)

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"So many things to admire about Rich. A world-class performer, educator, and seeker, Rich's ability to combine curiosity with innovation will be engaging for any student wishing to go deeper on the drums. This book offers a rich source on contemporary topics related to rhythmic deepening that is effective and stimulating."

-Steve Lyman (Independent artist. Craviotto, Istanbul AGOP, Low Boy Beaters)


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