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I'm Rich Stitzel, creator of The DrumMantra system, and author of The Foundational Series and The Primary Series books.

I have been a professional drummer and educator since 1991, and in the past ten years I have done a deep dive into developing a method of practice that truly informs and transforms one's rhythmic depth, time, coordination, and focus. 

I believe creating music at one's highest potential requires the practitioner to develop a level of technical ability that unlocks the creative expression. The deeper we understand, the deeper we express.

I have created a large collection of unique lessons that will not only help develop your polymetric coordination, enhance your phrasing concepts, and deepen your groove, but will also train your mind to focus, your body to relax, and your overall playing to be more fluid and comfortable.


Build a strong habit of practice.

Taking your practice to the next level requires discipline, intention, and focus. This course will give you the material you need to develop a solid practice habit with exercises designed to take you deep into your your playing.


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