DrumMantra Podcast Ranks in Top 5% of all Podcasts in the World!

Yesterday, June 13, I was notified that the DrumMantra Podcast was named one of "The 20 Best Music Theory Podcasts of 2021" by Welp Magazine. This is the third year in a row that another site has named the podcast in the category of "must listen." I thank Welp Magazine for finding me, and for including me on their list of music theory podcasts for 2021!

Receiving the email from Welp led me down the rabbit hole of podcast metrics which ultimately landed me on a stats page that ranks all the podcasts in the world. All 2,472,245 of them. I was quite surprised, yet thrilled to learn that the DrumMantra Podcast is in the top 5% most popular shows in the world!

If you are an avid listener of the podcast, I must apologize for not being as consistent as you may wish. There are certainly times where I am able to get an episode out, on time, each week. I love those times. There's nothing better than getting to cross something off the "to do" list. And there are also times that I either get too busy, or I feel like I don't have anything relevant to share - especially during the pandemic when there weren't gigs for 15 months. So thank you for coming along on the DrumMantra Podcast ride, even if it is bumpy from time to time and on occasion, non-existent. 

If you haven't checked out the podcast, there are currently 84 episodes that include full-length drum lessons, interviews with some incredible players like Ari Hoenig, Blair Sinta, Carter McLean, Josh Jones, Mark Walker, Steve Lyman, Lukas Landis, Seamus Evely (and many more to come), and there are many of just me driving to or home from a gig and simply reflecting on my experiences and insights.  

If you would like to help make the podcast more widely known, the best way to do so is to leave a high rating and positive review on apple podcasts (or anywhere that you enjoy listening.) This helps the podcast algorithm and makes it more visible on searches. I would LOVE it if you took a couple minutes and left a rating & review! 


Here is a list of accolades the podcast has received as of June 14, 2021:

***Named one of "The 20 Best Music Theory Podcasts of 2021" by Welp Magazine.

*** Named "#4 of Top 10 Music Theory Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021" by Feedspot

***Named "Top 10 Music Theory Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020" by FeedSpot

***Named one of "The 11 Best Podcasts for Exploring Music Theory Concepts on the Go in 2019" by Soundfly.

The DrumMantra Podcast is all about going deeper with your practice with music & drumming.

The goal is to advance the listener's confidence, insight, and inspiration through discussions on topics like approaches to practice, rhythmic concepts, technique, theory, creativity, gear, and even the music business.

You can listen here:


Thanks again for all of your support! 

If you have a topic you'd like for me to discuss, a guest you'd like for me to interview, or any other thing you'd like to hear on the podcast, please send me a message HERE!



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