Online Drum Intensive


8-Week/8-hour Online Drumming Intensive

Starting January 10, 2021

Join brush master, Anthony Stanislavski, and DrumMantra creator, Rich Stitzel, in an 8-week intensive that will inspire, motivate, and improve your playing!

Work in a group setting from home while Anthony & Rich guide you each step of the way.

In this 8-week/8-hour Online Drumming Intensive, you will meet with Anthony to work on brush techniques for an hour once a week AND you will meet with Rich for an hour once a week to work on timing, coordination, reading, polymeters, and grooves!

DrumMantra Intensive - 4 Week Course (Fortnightly Lessons)

This course will cover the six key aspects of becoming a great drummer.

Time. Reading. Coordination. Polymeters. Phrasing. Groove.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Warm-Up in 4, Reading in 4 part 1, Coordination part 1, Phrasing 1, Groove part 1.

Week 3: Warm-Up in 4, Reading in 4 part 2, Coordination part 2, Phrasing 2, Groove part 2.

Week 5: Warm-Up in 3, Reading in 3, Coordination in 3, 3:4 Polymeters, Groove part 3.

Week 7: Warm-Up in 5, Reading in 5, Coordination in 5, 5:4 Polymeters, Groove part 4.

Brush Basics - 4 Week Course (Fortnightly Lessons)

This course will give you the initial skills required to play brushes with confidence and freedom. Throughout the course, you will learn brush techniques and choreography that will enable you to play many grooves, rhythms, and improvisational ideas that your ears desire.

Course Outline

Week 2: Sweeps, taps, and angled taps

Week 4: Quarter-note and eighth-note pattern, ballad, funk, and bossa nova grooves

Week 6: Swing and shuffle grooves, triplet fills

Week 8: Jazz waltz grooves and 3/4 triplet fills


Registration Bonus!

When you register for the course, you will also receive a copy of Rich's brand new book, The 100-Day Journal and Practice Log! 

A daily quote, an exercise prompt, a place to keep track of each day's practice, music staff for transcriptions and ideas, and a place to reflect and be creative on every single page of this 111-page book!

This book debuted at #1 in the Music category, and to celebrate; we want you to have a copy as a thank you for joining us on the 8-week Intensive!




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