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Hey! Rich here. I am a professional drummer, author, composer, educator, host of the award-winning DrumMantra Podcast, and creator of the DrumMantra Practice System.

Through my books, courses, masterclasses, clinics, and membership site, I have been teaching my DrumMantra Practice System to drummers all over the world.

The DrumMantra Practice System is specifically designed to target the 6 key elements of drumming - time, reading, coordination, polymeters, phrasing, and groove.

You want to be a GREAT DRUMMER. I want you to be great, too. The best way to becoming a great drummer is to know what and how to practice. Through focus, patience, and discipline I believe you, too, will find your inner-greatness.

If you would like to study with me and be part of a supportive and dedicated group of like-minded drummers, I would be honored to welcome you to The Lesson Vault & Community.


"Rich’s teachings offer many tools and various approaches to allow his students to take an exercise as far as their motivation and dedication (and focus) will take them. I highly recommend allowing Rich into your life one way or another! You will not only become a better drummer...but a better person!" 

Damon - Berlin, CT, USA

The Lesson Vault is FULL of unique, creative, and insightful content.

These are not stock lessons you would find on most other drum sites.

The DrumMantra Practice System is specifically designed to target the 6 key elements of drumming: 

Time - Reading -Coordination - Polymeters - Phrasing - Groove.


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No matter what stage of the game you are in, The DrumMantra Practice System will provide ample opportunity to grow.

The Lesson Vault Community ranges from high school and college students to weekend warriors to highly decorated professionals and EVERYONE experiences improvements after working through the various exercises in the Lesson Vault. 

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“Rich’s Drummantra material will get you accustomed and comfortable with diverse concepts before challenging you with it. Each month has its own challenge, and the Lesson Vault Community will inspire you and help you on your journey to learning more about the drums.”

Charlélie - La Rochelle, France

I surveyed nearly 100 drummers and collected some very eye-opening data.

Nearly 75% of drummers don't have a focused or consistent practice routine.

Despite practicing 30 to 45 minutes per day, most drummers don’t have a clear and consistent practice routine to follow (and for all practical purposes a “sometimes” answer is most likely a "no").

When asked what their biggest hang-ups were in the practice room. The answers were almost unanimous:

Despite wanting to improve time, feel, reading, coordination, and technique, almost everyone admitted to a lack of focus, discipline, concentration, and organization 


Becoming great is a mental game.

Training the body to execute coordinated patterns on the drums is only part of the equation. The more significant aspect of the equation is the mental game.

Concentration. Awareness. Focus. Patience. Discipline.

These are the qualities that separate the good players from the great ones. Those who are able to concentrate better are able to stay in their practice better. Not for longer durations, but simply with more focus which means more efficiency and effectiveness.

Do you practice 4 hours a day but don't seem to get any better?

Do you get to the end of your day not having practiced because you are "too busy with life?" Are you really too busy or are your priorities misaligned? 

Remember – to understand something deeply; to have a chance to master something; to be able to do something so well that it becomes the main focus of your life, you MUST dedicate time and attention to it.

Dedication can be scary because it faces the great unknown - will it work out?! 

You can't predict the future. You can't know what will happen in the future if you dedicate yourself to your practice. But one thing is sure - if you truly learn how to practice you will be more prepared if something awesome does come along than if you don't learn how to practice.


The practice of practice IS THE PRACTICE

You have to be passionate about whatever it is you are doing.  You have to do something because you like doing it: Period. Once you align yourself with your passion, you can trust the practice you are doing is worthy of your time and attention. 

Here's a little secret for getting in the correct mental space. Instead of saying, "I have to go practice" or "I'm practicing", start referring to it as "your practice."

What are you working on? 

I'm working on my practice. I'm not working on drum exercises. I'm working on my practice. 

This "practice" can then carry over into anything you do. Your practice is not drums. Your practice is learning how to PAY ATTENTION to everything that you are doing while you are doing it.


How do we learn to do something well? By developing a habit of proper practice.

How long does it take to develop a habit? Some reports say 21 days and others say about 60

How does one develop a solid practice without knowing how or what to practice? Find a teacher with a systematic approach who can guide you into a focused practice with material that is designed to keep you moving forward.

How do you stay on track, inspired, and encouraged when you are in your practice? With the support of a community of like-minded drummers who are doing the same thing as you are!


"Rich is the real deal. A seasoned professional working drummer with the heart of a teacher. His approach to drumming and teaching is not unlike his approach to life. Playful, deeply philosophical, and a great person to hang with."

Matt - Milwaukee, WI, USA

The DrumMantra Practice System focuses on Six Key Drumming Elements:


Time - Every drummer worries about their time at one point or another. With the DrumMantra Practice System, you will discover that good time comes from the body AND the mind. Once integrated you will play with greater awareness and confidence in your time.

Reading - Being able to read makes recording sessions, being hired to back artists, and really any gig so much easier. Especially in situations where there's no rehearsal. You will be trained to read rhythms in a variety of time signatures that will lead you to begin recognizing "rhythmic shapes", which are the secret to reading quickly and efficiently.

Coordination - The first beat you learned required more coordination than the average human possesses. As you master various coordination assignments, you will become more relaxed, balanced, and comfortable behind the kit.

Polymetric Awareness - Understanding polymeters is an excellent way to enter a new level of your playing. Due to common subdivisions, these rhythmic phenomena can imply secondary pulses, time-shifts, and pulse shapes that always remain in the groove. Your creativity will expand immensely when you understand how these rhythms function.

Phrasing - Understanding the building blocks of phrasing will deepen your musical expressions. As you discover more unique, interesting, and creative phrase concepts, you will begin to uncover your true voice.

Groove - The groove is already in you. It's part of you. Getting it out and getting it to feel good and solid requires dedication and practice. The DrumMantra Practice System focuses on the groove in a way you have probably never considered and it is a very effective way to ensure a deeper pocket.


All of the lessons in The DrumMantra Practice System "cross-train" many, if not all, of these 6-key elements into every exercise.

"I really love to work with Rich's DrumMantra Practice System. It's structured and challenging but it will pay off! With the Lesson Vault Community, I receive a new musical task to work on every month and can discuss this and other interesting things with a bunch of drummers all over the world."

Lukas - Wädenswil, Switzerland

It's time to get serious.

To go beyond the surface of your playing and discover the true essence of who you are as a drummer, you MUST get serious. But how?

If you haven't worked with the correct materials, if you haven't developed a strong practice, if you haven't learned how to concentrate and have patience, How are you ever going to go beyond the surface of your playing?

  • You must develop the "internal" aspects of drumming to become the player you truly want to be.
  • You must discover your own creative voice so you can express yourself clearly and at a high level.
  • You must work on exercises that develop the skills that help you play with authority and confidence. 
  • You must deepen your level of rhythmic understanding with exercises that cross-train you with timing, reading, coordination, phrasing, and groove.
  • You must learn what it truly means to practice if you are to find the joy in practicing.
  • You must have a proper guide, a master educator, so you can trust you are facing the right direction.
  • You must be part of a community of drummers so you become accountable for your practice, encouraged to work hard, and can also support others.

The DrumMantra Practice System will transform the way you play as well as the way you think about drumming.


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Is the Lesson Vault & Community right for you?

This group is NOT for everyone. Just because you join the Lesson Vault doesn't mean you are going to get out of it what I have intended. You have to work hard. If you aren't ready to get serious and put in the work, nothing is going to change for you.

  • You must be willing to make practice a priority
  • You must be willing to work hard, ask questions, and engage.
  • You must try your best to make our monthly community call a priority.
  • You must understand that the community principle is not only about serving you but that your contributions and interactions add to the success of the other individuals as well.

If you feel you meet these requirements and are ready to take your drumming to the next level, then I encourage you to sign up and join us!

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"Nowadays it seems like there's a lot of "educational" drum content being created and shared on the internet. But I don't think any of it goes as deep as the DrumMantra material.

Being a great drummer takes so much more than just having a good understanding of grooves and fills. Being great takes focus, consistency, awareness, feel, and attention to detail.

Rich goes beyond the notes and patterns and instead highlights some of the MOST important aspects of what it takes to go deeper and develop a stronger relationship with not only the drum set but with rhythm itself. These systems are not shortcuts or "drum secrets to impressive chops". It takes a lot of work and focus. But it is worth it once you feel and experience the results.

My relationship with time and groove has improved dramatically over the past year and I owe it in part to the DrumMantra materials and systems."

Austin - Libertyville, IL, USA

There are 2 types of drummers...

Some drummers want to be good but don't have the patience or discipline to make it happen, and even when they do feel motivated and inspired to practice, they have no idea what to work on.

Other drummers take action, have a practice plan, and understand exactly what is important to ensure their practice will be efficient and effective.

Which is more appealing to you? 

Right now, many of us feel uninspired and stuck where we are.

We don't have the patience and focus to achieve the level of understanding required to play at a higher level.

And because we don't know how to practice, we never get any better. This can be very disheartening and discouraging to a person who wants to be great at drums.

It doesn't have to continue this way! You can start a practice regimen that will show you exactly what to practice and how long.

Imagine a year from today...

Imagine a year from today when you have a fully developed and focused practice routine. You have mastered many advanced concepts that either used to baffle you, or you may have had no idea that those advanced concepts even existed!

You are comfortable and confident behind the kit and know without a doubt that your time is solid, your creative ideas are fluid, and your understanding of time & rhythm is truly on a deeper level.

Imagine being on gigs, sessions, or touring, and you are playing with complete authority in all moments. You are playing without guessing. You are leading from the drum throne with your impeccable time and complete confidence in your groove.

That's the power of great lesson plans, a solid practice routine, and a supportive community of like-minded drummers!

You can do this - I'm proof that it works, and I've laid it out every step of the way for you!

Join the Lesson Vault today, start working on the lessons, and I promise you will notice a difference in your playing right away.

See you soon.

Your Virtual Drum Instructor, 

Rich Stitzel

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 "DrumMantra has propelled me to the next level in my musical voice. I've seen improvements in my approach to playing, recording quality, and overall musicianship from being involved with Rich and The Lesson Vault Community.  I'm grateful for discovering DrumMantra on many levels!"

Andy, Chicago, USA