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DrumMantra3030 Ambassadors

So far, these six people have completed the Day 30 challenge at the end of the 3030 course. They have worked extremely hard to achieve ambassador status.

Rich Stitzel, Chicago, IL

Jim Barclay, Chicago, IL

Gary Evans, Tasmania, AUS

Lindsay Williams, Chicago, IL

Sean Lynch, Denton, TX

Ross Pilgrim, Stirling, Scotland

This challenge is not easy and requires several weeks to months to perform perfectly. 

Please enjoy a conversation I had with the most recent recipient of the custom Low Boy Beater for their successful completion of the now infamous "Day 30", Mr. Sean Lynch from Denton, TX!

Check out Sean's Practice Sheet for Day 30!

A note from Sean: "You can see that accent pattern 1H for lesson 28 took me a total of 44 attempts to get a 90% accuracy just on that accent pattern full page once at 50% speed. And I didn't even apply this concept to accent patterns 1a and 1e melodies because it was already so easy. A little check with a slight x meant a 1/2 mistake meaning I only messed up once on a note with my foot. I never stopped if I made a mistake Just tried again. A full x was more than 1 mess up consecutively somewhere, and that got nipped in the bud fast. Hope it helps everyone to think about percentage accuracy lol"


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