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DrumMantra Book Bundle (INTERNATIONAL)

(This pre-order page is for INTERNATIONAL orders only)

Ships December 12


  • 1 autographed copy of Groove Studies with the 20th Note
  • 1 autographed copy of The Foundational Series 
  • 1 autographed copy of The Primary Series 
  • 1 autographed copy of the 100-Day Journal 
  • 1 copy of the Manuscript Notebook 
  • Instant access to the first Section of book (including downloadable pdfs and 120 audio files)


  • Four 1-online practice sessions
  • 20% Lesson Vault Membership Discount 

About Groove Studies with the 20th Note:

This book is a massive collection of groove-oriented exercises designed to take you deep into the coordination and feel of the 20th note subdivision.

  • An overview and explanation of the 20th Note subdivision, including listening examples for a deeper understanding
  • A description of the counting method based on the Indian counting method, Konnokol
  • Four Warm-Ups to prepare your body & mind to think in 20th notes.
  • Five Sections, each consisting of five linear phrasing workouts and 113 groove exercises.
  • Two of the five sections are polymetric (4:5 and 3:5)
  • Every single exercise in the book has an accompanying play-along (nearly 600 audio files for a total of 30 hours of music)

What People Are Saying:

“Rich is an incredible musician and a thoughtful, insightful teacher - always pushing the envelope and boundaries forward. This book does just that and more. It will add depth to your rhythmic vocabulary that can be used in a very musical way. Check this book out!”

Keith Carlock - Sting, Steely Dan, Wayne Krantz

Rich is a master educator in the true spirit of teaching. His methodology is concise, organized, musical, and flows like a great arrangement. He teaches the “How and What” and clearly explains the “Why.” His concept of the 20th note bridges us to another musical dimension and will allow the participants to greatly expand their rhythmic consciousness. This book will scramble your brain in the best possible way!

Jimmy Chamberlin - Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex